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Mervin Hyman
September 24, 1962
Darrell Royal's Texas Longhorns are apt to get knocked off once this year, but in a new era of consistency they are still the giants of the plains
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September 24, 1962

Stability In The Upset Conference

Darrell Royal's Texas Longhorns are apt to get knocked off once this year, but in a new era of consistency they are still the giants of the plains

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Texas Western

TWC has gone to great pains to improve its football standing. The Miners have brought in a new coach, O. A. Phillips, increased the staff from three to six assistants and are building a new stadium. There has been only one oversight—players. Those TWC does have are on the small side and slow. Julius Glosson, a sorely needed fast back, and George Tiffany, an excellent linebacker, could have helped out, but, alas, they a re ineligible. This then leaves only three certain players: 235-pound Tackle Luis Hernandez, all-conference End Ralph Kennedy and Fullback Don Boyce, the team's most effective runner (611 yards rushing in 1961). Phillips won't decide on his other starters until the day of the first game. Transfer Val Tenorio or Pat O'Donnell, both quarterbacks, will split the throwing in the pass-oriented split wing T attack. TWC uses freshmen, and Phillips can't wait to see what goodies matriculation will bring.

CONCLUSION: Beginnings are always difficult, but this one, Phillips will find, will be just plain painful.

Trinity ( Texas)

Blink twice. Trinity has a new coach, but it is going to be hard to tell the difference with-out a program. William (Dub) McElhannon, Tulane '43, who worked with the Tigers as an assistant for four years, replaces W.A. McElreath. McElhannon (he's the new one) knows what he's up against. Even with 18 returning lettermen, the backfield is as open as the plains of Texas. Coach McElhannon I is relying on speedy sophomore Halfback Obert Logan, and a not her sophomore, scrappy Bill Lambert. As yet no suitably ferocious Tigers have stepped into the tackle spots, nor has the team's notoriously poor groundwork been significantly improved. But the Trinity passing attack, handled by highly dependable left-hander Jay McCarty (last year I he threw for 750 yards), is strong. Receiver Troy Shirley proved himself in 1961, too. And just in case McCarty's left arm should go lame, the Tigers have another southpaw passer, Jim Whitten.

CONCLUSION: With big-gun Texas A&M off the schedule, the mild-mannered Tigers should hold their own in the BB-gun class.

W. Texas State

Pete Pedro not only sounds like the last of the Texas badmen. Last year, to at least half a dozen Border Conference teams, he was—despite his Lynn, Mass. origins. As a 160-pound sophomore, he scored 22 touchdowns (just two short of the collegiate record), averaged 7.1 yards a carry and led Coach Joe Kerbel's Buffaloes to a second-place finish in the conference. Pedro wasn't the whole offense, though. Fullback Ollie Ross, all 215 pounds of him, and Halfback Jerry Logan came close to matching Pedro's running effectiveness. Quarterback Jim Dawson was effective, too, astutely mixing the split T plays and completing 50% of his passes—seven of them for touchdowns. All in the backfield are back but if they do as well this year they can thank their own artfulness, not the line. There are a lot of bodies and little experience up front. All-conference Guard Stu Johnson is the experienced man, and he can't defend alone.

CONCLUSION: In a season of high scores, the Arizona State game should be a dilly. Neither team will stop the other.

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