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December 17, 1962
GOPHERS, BADGERS AND RABBITSSirs:I would like to suggest that Gwilym S. Brown remove his head from the sand and start reading some newspapers published west of The Bronx (Two Goofs Kill the Gophers, Dec. 3). By stating that Minnesota was unjustly penalized, Mr. Brown proves that he is not like the "rabbit-eared" official he mentions in his article but that he does resemble another equally familiar animal with long ears.
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December 17, 1962

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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As a Bruin fan, I am fed up to the teeth with cute little remarks. All week long I have to put up with them at work. They are fired at me like a two-barrel shotgun from the Boston sportswriters each and every day, twice a day, in three different newspapers.

Radio and TV commentators are on the cute-remark bandwagon, too. This is done with a large sigh or one of those "what else?" looks. And so, I beg of you! Just the scores please. Nothing else. No "huzzahs," no cracks about "coaches going into limbo." Just plain scores: " Boston 7- Chicago 0." Period.

Well? It could happen.
Sharon, Mass.

?Could it?—ED.

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