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December 24, 1962
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December 24, 1962


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Don't ever say "hard-nosed." No one uses it anymore except lady columnists and cub scout leaders. Call a tough player a "load" or a "horse" or a "stud" as in " Jim Taylor's a load" or "What a horse that guy is" or "There's a real stud."

Don't use aging expressions like "red dog" or "blitz," even though these are still accepted terms in the game. Say "storm" or "shoot" or "fire" or "rocket" and call the linebacker who does it a "plugger."

Instead of saying a team is "up" or "hot" or "on fire," mutter casually, "They're really putting on a club rush, aren't they?" Dick LeBeau of Detroit explains, "Heck, you can give a steak a club rush. You just fall on it and devour it."

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