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December 10, 1962
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December 10, 1962


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?A sheep dog may cover close to 100 miles a day for nearly six consecutive weeks; a bird dog may travel 75 to 100 miles a day while hunting.

?A well-trained tracking dog can follow the trail of an individual when it is crisscrossed by other trails, but is distracted when one of the trails is made by an identical twin of the original trailmaker.

?A trained dog can select from a pile of sticks the one handled by his keeper, though the keeper may have handled the stick for only two seconds.

?A dog can detect the odor of meat through an average of 7.4 layers of paper and after an injection of pep-up amphetamine can detect meat through 15.2 layers.

?Not even scientists know why dogs bury bones, though they doubt it is for food storage, or how it is that dogs can find their way home from long distances.


?Betting is that the University of Dayton will not renew the contract of Football Coach Stan Zajdel and will make one more try, under a new coach, to return to its former plane. If unsuccessful, Dayton may forsake football's "high middle" class and play a small college schedule.

?A new $8 million bond issue to complete financing of Houston's domed stadium-to-be will be submitted to voters December 22. Revised estimated cost of the structure is $18.5 million, less than the projected cost of New York's Flushing Meadow Stadium, which will not be enclosed and air-conditioned.

?Doug Barkley of Detroit and Kent Douglas of Toronto, both defensemen, are among top candidates to win the Calder Trophy as National Hockey League rookie of the year. If either makes it he will be the first defenseman to do so.

The Louisiana State athletic department has, so help us, made a grant of $5,000 to the LSU Council on Research, which sponsors research projects by faculty members. The money comes from football ticket sales and the grant will be made annually so long as funds are available.

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