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Compiled by Mervin Hyman, Dan Jenkins, Harold Peterson, John Underwood
September 23, 1963
The Quarterback
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September 23, 1963

The West

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Utah State is one of the West's lustier independents. Tony Knap, who moved up from line coach to replace John Ralston, put in the I formation in the spring and blithely announced, "We expect to pass 50% of the time." Knap just happens to have an exciting, exacting passer in Quarterback Bill Munson and a superb receiver in Jim McNaughton, a 225-pound 6-foot-2 end. He also has some nifty runners. But the Aggies' interior line is spotty. The lack will cost them some games.

New Mexico State will be improved. The Aggies still have Preacher Pilot, the powerful tailback who led the nation in rushing in 1961 and 1962. Coach Warren Woodson also has two mammoth-sized transfers, 230-pound Tackle Willie Adams and 220-pound End Verna Green, and Earnest Johnson, a fast 200-pound sophomore guard.

The other teams in the region will have to settle for small favors.

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