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Miss Mary's Lion
Ernest Hemingway
December 20, 1971
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December 20, 1971

Miss Mary's Lion

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"What are we going to hunt?"

"We have to get meat. We'll try an experiment Pop and I were talking about for practice for the lion. I want you to kill the wildebeest at twenty yards. You and Charo stalk him."

"I don't know if we can ever get that close."

"You'll get up. Don't wear your sweater. Take it and put it on if it gets cool coming home. And roll up your sleeves now if you're going to roll them up. Please, honey."

Miss Mary had a habit, just before she was going to shoot, of rolling up the right sleeve of her bush jacket. Maybe it was only turning back the cuffs. But it would frighten an animal at a hundred yards and over.

"You know I don't do that anymore."

"Good. The reason I mentioned the sweater is because it might make the rifle stock too long for you."

"All right. But what if it's cold in the morning when we find the lion?"

"I only want to see how you shoot without it. To see what difference it makes."

"Everybody's always experimenting with me. Why can't I just go out and shoot and kill cleanly?"

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