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Miss Mary's Lion
Ernest Hemingway
December 20, 1971
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December 20, 1971

Miss Mary's Lion

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"Yes. You and G.C. both said it."

"Was Pop here?"

"Yes. He said all game wardens were crazy and so were all white hunters and the white hunters had been driven crazy by the game wardens and by the writers and by motor vehicles."

"Pop is always right."

"He told me never to mind about you and G.C. because you were both crazy."

"We are," I said. "But you mustn't tell outsiders."

"But you don't really mean that all writers are really crazy?"

"Only the good ones."

"But you got angry when that man wrote a book about how you were crazy."

"Yes. Because he did not know about it nor how it worked just as he knew nothing about writing."

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