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Miss Mary's Lion
Ernest Hemingway
December 20, 1971
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December 20, 1971

Miss Mary's Lion

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"I didn't think so."

"That's good."


Oh I hope my lion will come and I'll be tall enough to see him clearly when the time comes," Miss Mary said. "Do you know how much he means to me?"

"I think so. Everybody does."

"Some people think I'm crazy I know. But in the old days people went to search for the Holy Grail and for the Golden Fleece and they weren't supposed to be silly. A true great lion is better and more serious than any cups or sheepskins. I don't care how Holy or Golden they were. Everybody has something that they want truly and my lion means everything to me. I know how patient you've been about him and how patient everyone has been. But now I'm sure after this rain I'll meet him. I can't wait until the first night that I hear him roar."

"He has a wonderful roar and you'll see him soon."

"Outside people will never understand. But he will make up for everything."

"I know. You don't hate him do you?"

"No. I love him. He's wonderful and he is intelligent and I don't have to tell you why I have to kill him."

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