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December 20, 1971
Bidding in part-score situations is one of the most difficult areas to master in bridge. Even the experts disagree on procedural tactics. The proper action often depends upon the caliber of the opposition, not to mention your partner, so the plain fact is that many decisions call for individual judgment rather than rules. Indeed, if there is any one hard-and-fast rule, it is: beware of axioms (a bid over game is always a slam try; an opening two bid is not forcing if it is enough for game). These rarely hold true. This quiz, which assumes that the competition is more or less equal, is designed to test your bidding judgment in some of the more frequently encountered part-score situations. Score 75 to 100 and you will win this game, and no doubt many others. Earn 50 or more and your part scores will still help you toward a profit. Below 50 you may be better off with a new game plan. On each of the following hands you are South, holding the cards shown under the scoring and bidding conditions described. How do you bid?
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December 20, 1971

What's The Score So Far?

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Both sides vulnerable North-South +80

[King of Spades]
[5 of Spades]
[4 of Spades]
[3 of Spades]
[8 of Hearts]
[3 of Hearts]
[Queen of Clubs]
[9 of Clubs]
[8 of Clubs]
[Ace of Diamonds]
[8 of Diamonds]
[6 of Diamonds]
[5 of Diamonds]


1 [Heart]




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