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Edited by Robert W. Creamer
February 04, 1974
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February 04, 1974


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"These things—the sports complex, the arena and the convention center—are attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in new, privately financed business. The town is coming alive again. We're no longer in danger of falling to second-class status, which was certainly where we were headed. The stadiums cost $71 million, the arena $18 million, the convention center $30 million. A lot of public funds were committed, but I don't know anybody who wouldn't do the whole thing over, now that we've seen the results.

"Critics make the mistake of opposing sports facilities because they won't pay for themselves. Certainly they won't, not if you expect payment in dollars and cents on their own ledgers. What you have to consider is what they do for the entire community."


A British psychologist has advice for male gamblers. Take a lady along. Dr. Julian Tynner discovered during research at Monte Carlo that men who gambled with female companions at their side were three times as lucky as men who gambled alone. He obtained similar results at casinos in Great Britain and West Germany, and at Las Vegas he found that men-only gambling clubs showed a 450% higher rate of profit than clubs that catered to a mixed audience. When one all-male club in Las Vegas switched to a mixed clientele. Dr. Tynner claims, revenues fell more than $600,000 in three weeks and the club had to rush back to its former status.

While it is hard to believe that any Vegas gambling hole ever lost money doing anything, it's fun to listen to the doctor. "In the highly concentrated ethos of a casino," he says, "a woman gets a flash of what the immediate future holds in terms of what a winning number will be. Sometimes a wife will tell her husband what numbers to play. In other cases, she will merely glance at him and transmit it by thought transference."

One can imagine the dialogue after a losing play, particularly for couples who rely on the glance system.

"Why did you bet on 27?"

"Didn't you glance 27?"

"No, I didn't! I glanced 23. If you'd pay a little attention to me instead of that blonde over there, you might win once in a while."


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