SI Vault
Edited by Robert H. Boyle
October 10, 1977
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October 10, 1977


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A Julius vom Hoffe single-action fly reel, "very fishable," is priced at $225. An eight-foot, two-piece, two-tip bamboo fly rod made in 1934 by the late Everett Garrison goes for $1,200, and although the price is a tribute to Garrison's craftsmanship, he probably would be appalled because he sold his rods only to active fishermen.

Among books, a 1939 Stoeger's gun catalog. World's Fair Jubilee issue, has a tag of $300; Roland Clark's Stray Shots, one of 535 copies published by Derrydale in 1931, costs $550; H. G. Pickering's Neighbors Have My Ducks, a 1937 Derrydale, $350; and Edgar M. Queeny's Prairie Wings, one of 225 copies of a deluxe edition published in 1946, $2,500.

If, to quote Liu, you want to "get in on the ground floor," you might be interested in the first list of flies offered to collectors. A mayfly nymph by Yas Yamashito, a contemporary Pennsylvania flytier, goes for $40. That might seem high indeed, but then Yamashito spends more than nine hours on a nymph to make it as realistic as possible.

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