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Dan Jenkins
September 04, 1978
A Zurich is every football bettor's dream—a sure thing. Which leads to this football writer's fall fantasy
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September 04, 1978

Getting In On A Zurich

A Zurich is every football bettor's dream—a sure thing. Which leads to this football writer's fall fantasy

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Wie geht es Ihnen? Wir erwarten von Ihnen eine weitere erfolgreiche Saison. Und wir danken Ihnen für alle Gefälligkeiten, die Sie uns bisher erwiesen haben. Alles Gute und viel Glück mit poof Zürich!


More and more, the Leftward Lean is looking like the best way to handle the right-footed soccer-style kicker. This ploy is particularly effective when there is a crosswind.

As for the straightaway American-style kicker, there are still only two things to remember. One, you know he doesn't like to kick into the laces under any circumstances. Give him those laces. Second, when you're holding for the guy who is deadly from any distance, regardless of the lean or even the down-flat placement, we advise relying on the good old-fashioned Fumbled Snapback.


You've done a wonderful job in previous years and we don't mean to criticize, but more imagination is required. Most of your slipping down on artificial turf looks just fine, and you're doing a splendid job of picking angles so that slower defenders can catch you from behind. Still, this business of allowing clutch passes to bounce awkwardly off your chests is being overdone.

We would like to see more of you running your routes one step short of the yardage needed for a first down. Then you can go ahead and make the diving catch. You will have looked spectacular, but the drive will be seriously hindered.

Remember that you still must catch one very difficult pass in every game before anyone will accept the three easy ones you may need to drop later on. With luck, most of you will be able to accomplish it with a leaper at the sideline. But there will be occasions when you will be asked to grab one on a crossing pattern into the middle of a zone. Yes, we can hear the sound of the crash from here.


Most of you gifted fumblers are doing a terrific job. All we would care to suggest is that you hold to a minimum your fumbles inside the opponent's 10. Fumbles deep in scoring territory leave a very bad impression on both the fans and the press, and they can sometimes spoil a game that might otherwise have been talked about for years as a classic.

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