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November 19, 1990
FOOTBALL OFFICIATINGThanks for the article about college football officials (Glaring Mistakes, Oct. 29). My father, James Augustyn, is a Big Ten official. He has been officiating for nearly 24 years, the last 12 in major college leagues. The season for him and the other officials I've met is not 11 but 52 weeks long. They spend many hours the year round studying, working out, and in rules meetings, discussion groups and film sessions. Douglas S. Looney described it as devotion to the game; I would say that it borders on obsession.
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November 19, 1990


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I hope that when I go, there will be a ball game for me to watch.
Scranton, Pa.

Our home is adjacent to the county cemetery. Some people have said the damnedest things to me about living where I do, but when my 15-year-old son wants to practice his putting or to play soccer with his uncle, he goes behind the house to a yet-unused acre of the cemetery. My daily walk takes me through its grounds.

These unknown neighbors have become our friends. I have often thought how much my father would have loved being laid to rest near where his grandson practices with Dad's old nine-iron. Thanks for the great story.
Fairfield, Calif.

The hockey puck may be unloved and unappreciated by others (FOCUS, Oct. 8), but to me it has a romantic side.

In 1982, when I was a sophomore at Yale, I was watching a hockey game at Ingalls Rink with a group of friends when, suddenly, a puck came flying off the ice, heading directly toward my face. A very suave fellow in the seat beside me reached out and grabbed it just in time. It was love at first sleight.

Two years after college, Pete and I got married, and the player who hit the puck, Ed McManus, was an usher in our wedding. We still have that hockey puck, of course.
Woodinville, Wash.

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