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Fore! Don't Touch That Dial!
Rick Reilly
March 15, 1993
The Golf Channel opens entirely new vistas for anyone who putters around his TV room
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March 15, 1993

Fore! Don't Touch That Dial!

The Golf Channel opens entirely new vistas for anyone who putters around his TV room

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Admit it. When Arnold Palmer announced last month that he planned to help start The Golf Channel, a 24-hour cable TV service devoted to the game, you thought it would be duller than inert gas. You said, "Arnie, how many naps can a guy take?"

And, then, when you found out that the airtime would be filled with instructional shows, golf movies, talk shows and live feeds from Asian, Australian, European and LPGA tournaments, you still thought that watching dental plaque form sounded more interesting.

But that was before we got ahold of this—a complete daylong sample schedule of programming on The Golf Channel. Now try to tell us you find it boring (all listings are for Eastern Standard Time).

(G) Midnight UNPLUGGED
A review of the week's imbedded-ball rulings.

A full hour of hilarity and instructional high jinks with South African golf guru David Leadbetter. Tonight, David tries to teach Marv Albert the hip coil.

(G) 1:30 a.m. NICK AT NIGHT
Highlights of superstar Nick Faldo recleating his golf shoes in hotel rooms from Cairo to Tasmania.

(G) 2:05 a.m. NIGHT OWL MOVIE
Lethal Weapon, starring Tom Watson and his putter.

(G) 4:15 a.m. TOURNAMENT
Live, first-round coverage of the Sony Sashimi Compact Disc Classic from Osaka, Japan. Joe, Jet and Jumbo Ozaki bring you all the action. First prize is a billion yen; second prize is Wisconsin.

(G) 6:30 a.m. 700 CLUB
Angelo Spagnola, winner of the Worst Avid Golfer in America contest, adds up the scorecard for his most recent round.

(G) 7:00 a.m. TODAY
Katie Couric, Willard Scott and Gene Shalit listen as Bryant Gumbel recounts every round he ever played.

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