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Peter King
November 08, 1993
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November 08, 1993

The Nfl

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Kenn says that he will focus his immediate attention on crowd noise, which he believes can be a decisive factor in games. "We've got to let games, especially in domes, be decided on their own merits," Kenn says. "When we went to New Orleans [on Oct. 24], it was the first time in years there that I've heard snap counts, and that's because we were ahead in the second half. We had taken the crowd out of the game. But you can't be your normal aggressive self in that place because you can't hear." Kenn favors use of the Audiblizer (SI, Oct. 11), which uses sideline speakers to project the quarterback's voice above the din.


Here's the flip side of free agency: Pittsburgh inside linebacker Jerry Olsavsky decided to play out the final year of his existing contract, at $215,000, rather than sign a new, two-year deal this fall that would have paid him about $450,000 annually. On Oct. 24 in Cleveland, Olsavsky tore three ligaments in his left knee, and his career could be over. If it is, he is guaranteed only the remainder of his salary for this year. Had he signed the new contract, he would have been guaranteed the balance of his wages this season, plus $175,000 next year if he fails a team physical before the start of the season....

Even with the sorry state of NFL quarterbacking, bet the farm that Bernie Kosar won't be a Brown in 1994....

Until Sunday, when the Rams' T.J. Rubley started his first NFL game at quarterback, his claim to fame was that his girlfriend is the sister of Sylvester Stallone's girlfriend. After Sunday's 40-17 loss at San Francisco, the Stallone connection is still his claim to fame. In the aftermath of Rub-ley's shaky 15-of-26, two-interception, seven-sack debacle at Candlestick, about the nicest thing anyone could say about Rubley came from the man he supplanted at quarterback, Jim Everett. "Overall," Everett said, biting his lip, "I thought he tried very hard."

Green Bay at Kansas City, Monday night. This is a tough game for Packer coach Mike Holmgren, not only because he'll be watching Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith trying to tear quarterback Brett Favre's head off. Holmgren was Chief quarterback Joe Montana's position coach when both were with the 49ers, and the two used to bet a pizza dinner on the annual meeting between USC and Notre Dame, their respective alma maters. Says Holmgren, "When Joe learned in the off-season that Green Bay was on the schedule, we talked. Joe said, 'Why don't we have a bite to eat before the game?' I told him, 'Joe, that's not such a good idea.' " On Monday night, they'll compete, not eat.


Sports quiz: Since 1960, who has the best passing rating while quarterbacking a first-year expansion team (minimum 50 attempts)?

Answer: Sam Wyche of the 1968 Bengals—89.51.

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