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November 01, 1993
Baseball Awards Jim Fregosi over Dusty Baker as National League Manager of the Year (INSIDE BASEBALL, Oct. 4)? You've got to be kidding. Sure, Fregosi deserves credit for leading the Phillies to the pennant, but all that business about his handling of Philadelphia's free spirits is overrated. Baker took the Giants, who were supposed to finish no higher than fourth in their division, and guided them to 103 wins.
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November 01, 1993


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Even if Rocca had won his match, the U.S. would have retained the Cup. Considering his circumstances, Rocca should have been applauded just for being there.
Edina, Minn.

In the first two paragraphs of his article Rick Reilly insults four professions and an ethnic group. By trying to be cutesy, he promoted the image of golf as an elitist sport played by white Anglo-Saxons who don't have to work for a living. As a professional landscape gardener, I was particularly irked by Reilly's opening comment: "You never leave the baby with the gardener." Maybe Reilly's opening line should have read: "Never leave the biggest golf story of the year to a chump."
Shapleigh, Maine

A Moon Is a Moon
What a terrific article on Warren Moon ( Father Moon, Sept. 27). He truly is a role model. I had to laugh, though, when I read that Felicia Moon is married to a neatness freak whose closets are "color coded, everything arranged to perfection." I, too, am married to a man whose closet is color coded, and who won't let a piece of dust sit on the carpet until the next vacuuming. Do you think it has something to do with the name? I also am married to a Moon—Mark, not Warren.
Jupiter, Fla.

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