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Peter King
September 20, 1993
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September 20, 1993

The Nfl

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"You know what I told him this week?" Holmgren said. "I said, 'You shouldn't have good numbers. They're game-planning away from you. Your teammates will be better because of you. I'm not worried about your numbers.' "

On Sunday that was scant consolation for White. But the Packers are the best team in their division, and White, who is still close to his prime, will carry them a lot more often than he'll fail them.

Seattle at New England, Sunday. The four drafts of the '90s have produced only six starting quarterbacks, and the two youngest, rookies Rick Mirer of Seattle and Drew Bledsoe of New England, face off here. "There's a severe problem with the young quarterback talent coming into the league," says Giant player personnel director Tom Boisture. "When college coaches recruit, they aren't looking for the big strong guy with the gun. They're taking the athletic guy, the option-type quarterback. Consequently, the prototype big, strong NFL quarterback just isn't being developed."


Miami linebacker Bryan Cox on the Dolphin offensive line, which gave up three sacks in a 24-14 loss to the Jets on Sunday: "Every other offensive line in the league is dirty and cheats. How come we don't have one that does that? [Other teams] are doing whatever it takes to get the job done. We need that same attitude."

...More and more players are finding that the big hole in the collective bargaining agreement is the salary cap, which kicks in next year. "The owners love it, and they should love it," says Steeler cornerback Rod Woodson. "Now they can say, 'Hey, we can't pay you because the salary cap you agreed to says we can't.' The cap screws the players." Speaking of Woodson, Pittsburgh is close to reaching an agreement that would make him the second $3 million-a-year defensive player (after White) in NFL history. But if Woodson can't get the deal he wants, he will take his chances as a free agent after the season....

When told that Kansas City coach Marty Schottenheimer had said it was in the Chiefs' "best interests" to keep Joe Montana and his slightly injured wrist on the bench against Houston, Oiler defensive end William Fuller said, "Lobotomy time." Montana sub Dave Krieg, who had 160 interceptions and an NFL-record 118 fumbles in 135 career starts going into Sunday's game, threw two interceptions in K.C.'s 30-0 loss....

Keep Your Day Job Dept.: The Lions used linebacker Chris Spielman as a blocking back on nine plays in the first two weeks. On those nine rushes Detroit lost a total of six yards.

Denver nosetackle Darren Drozdov (who, by the way, has a tattoo of the Garfield dog Odie on his right buttock) will reportedly see a psychiatrist this week for a chronic vomiting problem. He has thrown up during nearly every Bronco game this year. In a preseason game against Miami he lined up over the center and decorated the ball. After Denver's 34-17 victory over San Diego on Sunday, Drozdov was asked if he had vomited during the game. "Oh, I threw up a couple of times," he said. "Here and there."

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