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December 27, 1993
Big Day, But No Pel�
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December 27, 1993


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4) Uncle Homer's Tips on Tackle ($19.95). "Find out what's what, how to use it and how to set up your tackle box like a pro!" And how much would the video that tells you how to catch a fish cost?

5) Introduction to Duck Calling ($19.95). "The secret to better duck calling is an understanding of the call from the duck's point of reference. What does the call say to the duck? And what does the duck want to hear?" This is the Stanislavsky method of duck hunting. Brando's great at it.

6) Cal Pozo's Bunnetics ($19.95). "Exercise your way to a perfect posterior." Let's face it: America thinks buns, America thinks Cal Pozo.

7) How to Butcher Wild Game ($29.95). "Game butcher Joe Blair guides you through a detailed butchering of an elk. Learn techniques that apply to anything on four legs, from skinning the animal to tying a roast. Recipes and barbecue hints included." For those who still feel like eating, that is.

8) Gunplay Made Easy ($24.95). If there's one thing this country needs, it's more easy gunplay.

9) Angela Lansbury's Positive Moves ($29.95). "Free exercise poster." Where you hang it is up to you.

10) Dixie Carter's Un-Workout ($19.95). "Designing Women's star is your guide for this aerobic routine she uses to keep herself trim, healthy, and glowing with energy—without any running, jogging, or jumping!" The guy who gets the football-watching video should check this out.

False Advertising

For almost three years—ever since he battered Sugar Ray Leonard into retirement in 1991—Terry Norris, the WBC super welterweight champion, had been telling anyone who would listen that, pound-for-pound, he was the best fighter in the world. After a series of impressive victories, a lot of people believed him. Promoter Dan Duva watched Norris flatten Meldrick Taylor last year and proclaimed, " Terry Norris is going to be the superstar of the '90s."

Make that the early '90s, Dan. Last Saturday night in Puebla, Mexico, Norris defended his title against 30-year-old Simon Brown in what was supposed to be a keep-busy appearance on the way to bigger and better things—the first, a proposed megabucks showdown against another pound-for-pound claimant, Pernell Whitaker, sometime next year. Brown, a former welterweight champion, had a different agenda. He knocked Norris down in the first round, and out with a booming right hand at 1:06 of the fourth.

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