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June 21, 1993
CheersThanks for the wonderful profile of Sam Malone (Everybody Knows His Name. May 24). I happened to be walking outside Memorial Stadium in Baltimore on the day that Lee May hit that shot out of the park. (As soon as Mayday came in, I knew the game was over, and I had made an early exit to the parking lot.) The ball bounced once on the blacktop, ricocheted off a red Corvette and then rolled around for a few seconds before I was able to pick it up.
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June 21, 1993


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After looking at the photo of Mayday, Yaz and Coach on page 68, it dawned on me why Sam's career went south in a hurry. Sammy has his jacket draped over his left shoulder. Come on, Sam, all good pitchers keep the chucking wing warm.
Brattleboro, Vt.

I was appalled to see you devote so much space to a fictitious former ballplayer when there are real former ballplayers who deserve the recognition. In fact, we have such a deserving former ballplayer right here in our community: Just last winter Sidd Finch opened a yogurt shop in downtown Sykesville.
Sykesville, Md.

The article on Sam Malone, whose career was shortened, in part, by his hedonistic life-style, caused me to reflect upon the shortened career of another pitcher, Sidd Finch, who, despite a monastic life, had his nascent career abruptly terminated by the crudest of fates—a sore arm. It is nice to report, though, that Finch recently regained his competitive fire and learned to throw the knuckleball after being tutored by Charlie Hough during spring training this year. Finch is attempting a comeback with the Florida Marlins' Triple A affiliate, the Edmonton Trappers. So far Finch, having yet to completely master the pitch, has enjoyed moderate success, pitching primarily in long relief. I'm surprised that SI missed this story.
New York City

Larry Brown
In looking at Larry Brown's r�sum� in El-wood H. Smith's POINT AFTER (May 31), it occurred to me that one little-known period of employment was not covered. Brown was offically the basketball coach at Davidson College in Davidson, N.C., from May 28 to June 30, 1969. Although he never coached a game, he did some recruiting and was on campus for about three weeks. There are many stories about why he left, but we know that from Davidson he went to the Washington Capitols to resume his playing in the now defunct ABA.
Charlotte, N.C.

Dale Murphy
Thank you for your INSIDE BASEBALL item (June 7) about Dale Murphy's retirement. I grew up watching Brave games and being in awe of Murphy as he hit home run after home run out of Atlanta- Fulton County Stadium. He was one of the most respected athletes in the game and will be missed by fans everywhere.
Marathon, N.Y.

Sam's Stand-ins
Congratulations on producing such terrific pictures from Sam's baseball career. Can you show us the original photographs? The one of him getting carried off the field must be Jim Lonborg being mobbed by fans after he defeated the Twins on the last day of the 1967 season, in a game the Sox needed to win the pennant.
Lake Bluff, Ill.

?You're right; to create that shot of Sam, we used the photo of Lonborg you have in mind. We also used Lonborg for the picture of Sam following through, and Luis Tiant for the one of Sam watching a home run sail out of Fenway Park.—ED.

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