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father moon
Leigh Montville
September 27, 1993
At every stage of his carefully plotted life, Oiler quarterback Warren Moon has shown wisdom beyond his years
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September 27, 1993

Father Moon

At every stage of his carefully plotted life, Oiler quarterback Warren Moon has shown wisdom beyond his years

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He is the protector, the provider....

The accident happened as Judy Riley was heading to the TV station where Moon was to tape his show. She was driving the car he had given her, a 1992 Toyota Camry. That had been such a surprise, the car. She had been working in the office of the Crescent Moon Foundation one day and Warren had called from the downstairs reception desk to say that his car wouldn't start. Would she come down to give him a hand?

He was waiting in the circular driveway with two men in business suits. He always was talking with men in business suits, always on the move, traveling from one meeting to another. She stood back, not wanting to intrude.

"Judy, come here," he said.


"Would you take the keys to your new car from these men?"

She saw the car and the keys and Moon's face at the same time. She enjoyed his enjoyment at her enjoyment as much she enjoyed the new car. This was the type of thing she had seen so much of since she had met him. What was it she always said? Football allows Warren to do the things he wants to do. This was the type of thing he did.

He gave $200,000 to a church building campaign simply because he had read about the church's fiscal plight in the newspaper. He gave a free trip from Seattle to Los Angeles to the girlfriend of one of the Oiler public relations interns, simply because he had heard that the intern would not be able to see his girlfriend for the entire season unless he met her on the L.A. road trip. He gave a trip to Hawaii and the Pro Bowl to Oiler offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.

"Warren's a hard guy to get to know," Gilbride says. "He doesn't say much, and you look at him and you have no idea what he's thinking. I had come in as coordinator, and we were testing each other out, I guess, for the first four months of the season. The last month came, and one day he asked me if I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go? I told him I had grown up in Connecticut near water and I loved the water. The one place I was determined to sec sometime was Hawaii.

"A month passed. Warren was picked for the Pro Bowl. He asked me if I could get permission to go to Hawaii for the game with my wife. It was really niceā€”not so much the trip, which was great, but the fact that he had remembered what I said. He stuffed that idea in his mind, and then he acted on it."

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