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Sutter Clutter
Leigh Montville
November 25, 1991
It was, oh, brother, an NHL record—Most Sutters Involved, One Game: Six
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November 25, 1991

Sutter Clutter

It was, oh, brother, an NHL record—Most Sutters Involved, One Game: Six

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Q. Can we go through this slowly?

A. O.K., from the top. Brian Sutter is the head coach of the St. Louis Blues. Darryl Sutter is the associate coach for the Chicago Blackhawks. Rich and Ron Sutter play for the Blues. Brent Sutter plays for the Blackhawks. All five brothers were working in one NHL game on Sunday night at Chicago Stadium, a 5-1 win for the Blackhawks. A sixth brother, Duane, also is employed by the Blackhawks as a scout but was on assignment at a minor league game.

Q. So six Sutters were involved, one way or another, in the same game?

A. Six.

Q. Is this an NHL Sutter record?

A. This is the record. It will be listed as Most Sutters Involved, One Game: Six. The previous record was Most Sutters Involved, One Game: Five. That one was set Oct. 19 when Chicago played at St. Louis. Brent has joined the Blackhawks since that game as part of a four-player trade with the New York Islanders. This created the opportunity for all six brothers to be involved in one game for the first time in their long and varied careers.

Q. How long and how varied have these careers been?

A. Sutters have played in 4,294 NHL games. That is more than 50 NHL seasons. Sutters have scored 1,265 goals, picked up 2,736 points and spent more than 120 hours in the penalty box. There is no available data on how many skates they have worn out or sticks they have broken. The biggest scorer, Brian, had 303 goals, 636 points, but Brent should pass him in both categories by the end of the season. At week's end, Brent had 289 goals, 617 points.

Q. Brian is the oldest?

A. Brian is the oldest of the hockey players. There is a seventh brother, Gary, who did not play pro hockey. He works for the highway commission back home in Viking, Alberta. Brian played 12 seasons for the Blues and then was named their coach when he retired in 1988. He was the NHL Coach of the Year last season.

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