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Division II
William F. Reed
November 25, 1991
The players from Virginia union in Richmond knew they had a dynamite team because, after all, last season they had advanced to the Division II Final Four with a junior transfer and four red-shirt freshmen in the starting lineup. But they didn't know just how good they would be until Robert McKie—all 6'7" and 260 pounds of him—transferred from Auburn, where in 1990-91 he was the Tigers' starting center. Here was a guy who once even held Shaquille O'Neal (page 86) to 15 points. So, naturally, the Panthers were interested in sizing him up, and, more important, having him size them up.
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November 25, 1991

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Naturally, McKie made this season's poster. "This is a totally different atmosphere from Auburn," he says. "I feel so comfortable it's unbelievable."

Indeed, he feels so good about the Panthers that maybe, instead of RELOADING, the poster's billing should have been IT'S IN THE BAG.

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