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College Basketball
Phil Taylor
November 25, 1991
Hard Lessons
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November 25, 1991

College Basketball

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Can the Fords Get Started?

Haverford (Pa.) College almost has to have a better season than it did in '90-91. The Fords, 0-25 last season, have a 36-game losing streak that dates back to January 1990.

"We're going to break the streak this season," says coach David Hooks. "I'm not going to say when, but we're going to break it." If not, Hooks, who has a master's degree in sports psychology, may have to start holding group therapy sessions for his players.

To be fair, the Fords had a series of injuries last season. Freshman guard Jac Leonardi gave up the game altogether after unsuccessfully trying to come back from a spinal-cord injury he suffered the year before. Only one recruited player made it through the year without missing a game for health reasons.

Because Haverford is a top liberal arts school, Hooks has concerns that most Division I coaches don't have. For instance, starting guard Jeremy Edwards missed all of last season for academic reasons—he was studying abroad, in Spain.

Hooks is as concerned about academics as his players are. His work on a doctoral dissertation in sports psychology is on hold at the moment, but he acknowledges that his team could be an interesting topic for a paper. "But right now," Hooks says, "I'm thinking less about a Ph.D. than I am about winning some games."


Former UNLV forward Larry Johnson is putting some of the money from his six-year, $19.8 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets to good use. One of Johnson's first acts was to pledge a donation of $24,000 annually for the funding of an academic adviser's position, not at UNLV but at the junior college he attended, Odessa (Texas) Junior College....

Pepperdine coach Tom Asbury has named his team's new pressure defense "Clarence," after Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. "We deny everything," Asbury said....

North Carolina, which has one of college basketball's most recognizable uniforms, is changing its look. Designer Alexander Julian, who created the Charlotte Hornets' duds, is designing a new uniform for the Tar Heels. The new outfits have not yet been unveiled, but Julian assures fans that the warmups will be changed more drastically than the uniforms themselves. "Having Dean Smith ask you to redo the Carolina uniforms is like having God ask you to redo the uniforms for the archangels," Julian says....

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