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No Hero in Sight
Rick Telander
November 04, 1991
What of an ex-Auburn football player who chose to take the money and run his tape recorder?
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November 04, 1991

No Hero In Sight

What of an ex-Auburn football player who chose to take the money and run his tape recorder?

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In September, former Auburn Defensive back Eric Ramsey, recently cut by the Kansas City Chiefs, asserted that he had tapes of incriminating conversations between himself and Auburn coaches and between himself and a Tiger booster named Bill (Corky) Frost. According to Ramsey, the tapes prove that he was given cash, food and other benefits in violation of NCAA rules while he was at Auburn. A transcript of some of the taped conversations appeared in The Birmingham News on Oct. 20 and included this telephone exchange, allegedly between Frost and Ramsey:

Frost: "Eric...I'm going to send you enough steaks to last you about a month at a time, two months at a time."

Ramsey: "What about the bonus [money] you paid last year? Are you going to cut me out?"

Frost: "No, sir! That's still good."

Ramsey: "That's cool."

Frost: "You'll get your bonus from me...with the meat. But I don't want to even hear about it. It would hurt Auburn."

Ramsey: "You won't."

Frost: "Don't ever hurt Auburn. Auburn is a great place and I love it. I'll be your friend until the day I die. Auburn's been mighty good to you, whether you realize it or not."

The News hopes eventually to print excerpts from the rest of the transcripts, which, says Ramsey, will reveal more about the money and gifts he received. So the question for those who are not fanatical Auburn boosters is, whom do you like in this mess? The answer has to be nobody.

While apparently bighearted and an Auburn-lover, Frost seemed to have no qualms about breaking rules or about requesting a cover-up of his violations. Tiger coach Pat Dye, whose voice is said to be on at least one of Ramsey's tapes, is unrepentant and nasty. "They [ Ramsey and his wife, Twilitta] don't have a damn thing on me," he says. "You think Ramsey is going to be able to get a job? Who the hell would hire him or her, either one?" Last week Dye suggested that Auburn fans boycott The Montgomery Advertiser, which broke the story about the existence of Ramsey's tapes.

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