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Tim Kurkjian
September 23, 1991
Just Another Day at the Park
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September 23, 1991

Between The Lines

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Just Another Day at the Park

The major leagues' worst ballpark, Montreal's Olympic Stadium, was supposed to cost $300 million. It wound up costing approximately $1.1 billion and has been plagued with problems. On the afternoon of Aug. 29, 1986, a fire in the tower designed to support the stadium's retractable roof caused the postponement of that night's game. The $117 million roof, which works like an umbrella—when it works—is inoperable because it was torn by high winds. And last Friday at 7:45 a.m., a 50-ton chunk of concrete fell from the exterior of the third base side of the stadium. No one was injured, but the Expos closed the stadium for at least a week to determine the cause of the accident.

Ain't It the Truth
Gary Carter hit 102 homers for the Expos during the Carter Administration. Twins outfielder Randy Bush has 25 homers during the Bush Administration. When informed of that dubious home run derby, Randy Bush said, "People keep track of the strangest statistics."

Three Ring Circus
In the 10th inning of Cleveland's 6-5 win over Baltimore last Saturday, Indians reliever Eric Bell threw a pitch to Oriole second baseman Juan Bell, who hit a fly ball that was caught in leftfield by Albert Belle.

By the Numbers
?Swing and miss update: Through last Saturday, Boston's Wade Boggs had the American League's best contact ratio, with only 44 swings and misses in 811 swings. San Diego's Tony Gwynn had the National League's best ratio with 57 misses in 841 cuts. The worst ratio in the American League belonged to Detroit's Rob Deer (339/976), and the worst in the National was owned by San Francisco's Matt Williams (350/1,119).