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Baseball Aptitude Test
April 15, 1991
It is called time BAT, the Baseball Aptitude Test, but the quiz that follows might also be called Baseball Anti-Trivia. It is about the facts, names and figures that are essential to the game's history, the things that any good baseball fan—or baseball player—should know. Thus the BAT will not provide a satisfying exercise for graduates of the School of Sabermetrics, for whom "baseball trivia" is an oxymoron, but it should offer a suitable challenge for the rest of you. And don't worry. Like Yankee broadcaster Phil Rizzuto, whose scorecards are replete with notations of WW (for wasn't watching), we aren't keeping score. Answers appear on page 49.
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April 15, 1991

Baseball Aptitude Test

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a. 4
b. 6
c. 1
d. 9
e. 1
f. 10
g. 8
h. 5
i. 2
j. 3

9. Numbers Game

(6 blue) c. Al Kaline
(6 red) e. Stan Musial
(21) a. Juan Marichal
(32) b. Sandy Koufax
(20) d. Frank Robinson
(21 red) g. Warren Spahn
(21 black) f. Roberto Clemente

10. Bonus Question
Warren Spahn played with Waner on the 1942 Boston Braves and with McGraw on the 1965 New York Mets. Together these three careers span 59 years of baseball history.

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