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June 23, 2008
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June 23, 2008

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In just his fifth year as a pro, Johnny Miller came out of nowhere to win the U.S. Open. SI writer Dan Jenkins recounted Miller's 63 on Sunday at Oakmont, which remains the lowest final round in the tournament's history.

IT WAS one of those days that will be remembered in golf until some vague time in the future when even-birdie barely makes the cut and the Open is played on Venus. For the sake of posterity let us examine Miller's round blow by blow. It was simply exquisite golf, nothing less. No shots bouncing off hot-dog sheds or tree trunks or sailing out of bunkers into the cups. Just golf, the way it ought to be played by one of the true stylists on the tour, a dashing young man of 26 with a fine big swing and easy tempo.

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INSET PHOTOS: John W. McDonough (Pierce, Bryant); Robert Beck (Mediate)

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