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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
June 23, 2008
The Interview Ralph Nader ACTIVIST/AUTHOR
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June 23, 2008

Just My Type

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DP: Are you a Kings fan?

RN: I like the underdogs. And somebody may say, given all that's going on in the world, this is pretty minor stuff. But this is a kind of sanctuary for Americans, professional sports. They want to have one area of their lives where they can respect what's going on. And I'm afraid that this kind of officiating ruptures that trust.

The Golden Fleece

AS A FORMER CELTIC, Kevin McHale must love seeing his old team in the Finals; as a Timberwolves exec, maybe not. Boston made it thanks to his trade that gave them Kevin Garnett and let them keep Rajon Rondo. (McHale reportedly also turned down a better offer for Garnett from L.A.) It's funny: In 1980 McHale came to Boston in perhaps the NBA's most lopsided trade ever—he and Robert Parish were dealt by the Warriors for Joe Barry Carroll and Rickey Brown. Without that trade, the '80s Celtics don't happen. In this latest franchise-reviving deal McHale is on the other end of the fleecing.

Getting Belichicky

IN THE midst of the Finals, Kobe Bryant found time for a new turn of phrase: making a coach into an adjective. When asked about the referee scandal, he apologized for his nonanswer by saying, "I'm sorry to be Belichicky." I love it! Here are some other coaches I'd like to add to the vocabulary.

1 TOM COUGHLIN. As in: "You should see how Coughliny your face is right now."

2 RED AUERBACH. As in: "Sir, our restaurant no longer allows patrons to get Auerbachy."

3 BOBBY PETRINO. As in: "Would it be too Petrino-ey if I left right now?"

4 BOB KNIGHT. As in: "Sorry I got so Knighty; I'll buy you some new furniture."

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