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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
July 07, 2008
The Interview Joe Alexander A.K.A. VANILLA SKY
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July 07, 2008

Just My Type

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DP: Will you do endorsements for Nestl´┐Ż?

JA: Only if they make me a taste tester. And make a Vanilla Sky bar.

DP: What kind of reaction did you get when you were first showing your freakish hops?

JA: Just a lot of oohs and aahs, and people asking me what dunks could I do.

DP: What's the dunk that you'll play back for your kids 20 years from now?

JA: Sophomore year, against South Florida, on the nation's Number 1 shot blocker. He saw me coming, and he was anticipating a finger roll, I know that he was.

DP: Have you ever hit your head on the rim?

JA: Yeah. I was experimenting, I didn't think that I could actually do it.

DP: You were experimenting hitting your head on the rim?

JA: Just to see how high I could get.

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