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July 14, 2008
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July 14, 2008

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July 31, 2000
WHERE ISN'T he? William (the Refrigerator) Perry is inescapable on this 29-foot fishing boat, an energetic giant who is monitoring four fishing rods and lumbering periodically across the deck to crack open a fresh can of beer.
ALSO: Bill Lee, Don Meredith

July 2, 2001
WHAT BETTER way to entertain men than with beautiful, dancing women in halter tops, short shorts and go-go boots? From Day One there were rules for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: no jewelry, no gum, no dating the players.
ALSO: Wahoo McDaniel, Manute Bol

July 15, 2002
A REPUTED hoops curmudgeon, Oscar Robertson wants you to know that he does not spend hours stewing in a kettle of his own bile. Well, wants you to know is a little strong because, frankly, he doesn't much care what you think.
ALSO: 1972 Dolphins, Zola Budd

June 30, 2003
AS THE spuds boil, Bo Jackson prattles on about his career, gloriously amazing but sadly foreshortened. He never lifted weights, but he was so strong he snapped bats over his leg, shoulders, even his helmeted head.
ALSO: Tom Dempsey, Mickey Rivers

July 12, 2004
THE BIG, bad, wounded Bear comes pedaling out of Malibu, aimed like a chunk of granite toward Mexico. "Somebody asked me about Urlacher," growls Dick Butkus. "I said he needs to have some big hits. Plant some people."
ALSO: Marvin Hagler, Robert Parish

July 11, 2005
NOW THE clock has struck midnight, and more than 90% of the field, including some of the biggest names in poker, have been ousted. But Cinderella—to use a term with which Denzel (Denny) Crum is familiar—is still dancing.
ALSO: Larry Holmes, Rosie Ruiz

July 3, 2006
THE TRUTH is Lawrence Taylor needs Ashif Jiwa more than Jiwa needs him. Jiwa is Taylor's business adviser, confidant—and golf partner. If LT's golf jones is not satisfied after 18 holes, he can count on Jiwa to go another nine.
ALSO: Chris Evert, Carl Lewis

July 2, 2007
WHEN THE "brothers" reveal they are all from Minnesota, the Redvers fans seem surprised—and vaguely disappointed—that they aren't Canadian. They are, however, Slap Shot v�rit�. Says Jeff, "I never acted at all."
ALSO: Gunnar Esiason, Picabo Street

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