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Medal Picks
Brian Cazeneuve
July 28, 2008
Who'll reach the winner's podium in all 302 events
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July 28, 2008

Medal Picks

Who'll reach the winner's podium in all 302 events

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Single sculls
Ekaterina Karsten, Belarus
Rumyana Neykova, Bulgaria
Zhang Xiuyun, China
Harvard grad Michelle Guerrette is in the medal hunt.

Double sculls
Li & Tian, China
Evers-Swindell & Evers-Swindell, New Zealand
Thiele & Huth, Germany
Caroline and Georgina Evers-Swindell are identical twins.

Lightweight double sculls
Yu & Xu, China
Halliday & Houston, Australia
Van der Kolk & Van Eupen, Netherlands
Amber Halliday broke six ribs in '04 and was fourth in Athens.

Quadruple sculls without cox
Great Britain
German or East German boats have won last five titles.

Pairs without cox
Wu & Gao, China
Cummins & McGee, U.S.
Bichyk & Helakh, Belarus
Portia McGee missed Athens team by .2 of a second.

U.S. beat '04 Olympic champ Romania at last two worlds.



470 (two-person dinghy)
Wilmot & Page, Australia
Rogers & Glanfield, Great Britain
Coster & Coster, Netherlands
Nathan Wilmot's father and uncle sailed for national team.

Laser (one-person dinghy)
Tom Slingsby, Australia
Paul Goodison, Great Britain
Rasmus Myrgren, Sweden
Slingsby won world titles in 2007 and '08.

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