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The Question: What Made You Realize That You Are Not As Young As You Used To Be?
Jimmy Jemail
October 22, 1956
Asked At The Touchdown Club, Washington, D.C.
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October 22, 1956

The Question: What Made You Realize That You Are Not As Young As You Used To Be?

Asked At The Touchdown Club, Washington, D.C.

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All-America end Notre Dame, 1935

Here I am—a Yankee in Texas trying to teach the kids how to play end and snare passes. As soon as I arrived they gave me a cowboy suit, but I had to buy my own boots. With that outfit I just had to learn to ride a bronc. You know, I can't do it. I'm sure I could years ago.

Sportscaster Washington Redskins

In 1939 I was broadcasting for the N.Y. Yankee baseball team. It was I who gave Joe DiMaggio his nickname, The Yankee Clipper. Now, every time I meet an old-timer who tells me that he remembers the time I gave Joe his nickname, I know that I'm not as young as I used to be.

Co-captain, All-America, Georgia Tech, 1943

I was coaching a service team in 1952. One of my starting guards was injured, so I took his place at the start of the game and played all through the first half without any trouble at all. But, at the start of the second half, I just couldn't get off the bench. That was it.

Greatest pro passer of all time, 1934-1952

During my 16 years with the Washington Redskins I weighed 178 pounds. I weigh 178 now. I think I'm in as good shape as ever. Recently, I looked at a picture of George Marshall and me together. Not a line in either of our faces. But then I took a look in the mirror.

Fullback, Philadelphia Eagles, 1941-46

I have eight kids, seven girls and a boy. The youngest one is a girl, age 3. You should see her catch a forward pass with one of those miniature footballs. I don't feel older consciously, but when I play football and baseball with these eight kids they really run me ragged.

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