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Which One Would You Draft?
Seth Davis
January 20, 2003
Nick CollisonKANSAS
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January 20, 2003

Which One Would You Draft?

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Nick Collison

Mario Austin

An NBA Western Conference executive weighs in on the pro prospects of two of the nation's top power forwards:

"I don't think Collison [6'9", 255 pounds] will fail in the league no matter who he's playing for, but I don't know if you could say the same for Austin [6'9", 260]. If you look at the history of undersized power forwards, the successful ones have been able to stretch the defense, but Austin can't shoot from outside. Collison had 31 points last week against Iowa State, and he scored in every possible way. I think Collison can manipulate a defense a little better than Austin can. Austin uses his body a little better than Collison, but not by much. I believe that Austin will play in the league, but for right now, I'd take Collison."