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January 27, 2003
The Year That Was
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January 27, 2003


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Miriam's Story

As a Rangers fan living in a house with three Islanders fans—my wife, son and daughter—I don't usually agree with my family when it comes to hockey. After reading Rick Reilly's article about Miriam from Forest Hills, the blind Islanders supporter who made her first visit to Nassau Coliseum after 30 years of rooting for her team (THE LIFE OF REILLY, Dec. 30-Jan. 6), we all agreed it was one of the best Christmas stories we had read in a long time. To learn that my brother, Chris, the Islanders' vice president of communications, played a role in it made us all proud. Leave it to my brother to not say anything about that night and let us find out about it when our magazine arrived.
NICK BOTTA, Plainview, N.Y.

I've been a New York Rangers fan for 30 years. I've shouted "Potvin sucks!" from the blue seats too many times to count. My disdain for the Islanders won't change, but after reading Reilly's column, I'll always be a fan of Miriam from Forest Hills.
MARK LEVINE, Rye Brook, N.Y.

As a lifelong Islanders fan I find it comforting to know that they are still one of the classiest teams in all of sports. Someone should send a copy of this story to the Portland Jail Blazers management.

Thank you for reminding us all of what is important, the love of the game. Now if only we could still afford to go.
JEFF HARRIS, Charlestown, Ind.

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