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Who Hates Who?
Rick Reilly
February 02, 2004
WE'VE HAD Hacksaw, Fridge and Bullet Bob. We've had the Snake, the Hogs and the Mad Stork We've been from Hollywood to Broadway Joe. We've gone through Too Tall and the Smurfs, Sweetness and the Assassin.
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February 02, 2004

Who Hates Who?

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Her: But you just said, "He hate me." Who exactly are you referring to with the word He"?

Him: Nobody really knows. It's like he says, "He is whoever He wanna be."

Her: Are you still mad about the snow tires?

Him: No! You're just being slightly thick, Petunia! He is the guy he beats. He got the idea one day watching game tape of one of his touchdown runs as a running back at Western Kentucky. They slowed the tape, and he ran to the screen and pointed to every guy on the opposite sideline and said, "Look! He hate me. And he hate me. And he hate me. And...." So he decided to use it.

Her: Are you saying the word He refers to that XFL guy?

Him: No, He is the hater.

Her: I thought you just called him He!

Him: Lots of people do! Though some people call him Me for short.

Her: They call him you?

Him: Well, the Panthers' mail guy says some people address their letters to He Hate You.

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