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Big Play
August 18, 2008
WHO Padraig Harrington
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August 18, 2008

Big Play

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Padraig Harrington

15-foot par putt

498-yard par-4 18th hole at Oakland Hills

Final round of the PGA Championship

Harrington doesn't have half the raw talent of Tiger-challengers such as Ernie Els, Sergio GarcĂ­a and Phil Mickelson, but the Irishman will duel Woods for No. 1 because of his attitude. His focus, determination and passion remind me of Bruce Springsteen baring his heart and soul on stage. Just look into Harrington's eyes, and you see fearless purpose, especially on the greens, as he showed by draining long putts at 16, 17 and 18 on Sunday.

Freeze the Finish by Counting to Three

To develop a confident, committed putting stroke like Harrington's, start with your finish. At the end of your stroke your body should be as still as a statue, and the putter should be motionless. To practice, pick a target, hit the putt and then freeze the finish while counting "one, two, three." Doing so helps prevent steering or recoiling the putter and gives you better control of the putt.

Dom DiJulia teaches at Jericho National in New Hope, Pa.