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Big Play
September 29, 2008
WHO Anthony Kim
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September 29, 2008

Big Play

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Anthony Kim

148-yard approach to two feet

450-yard par-4 1st hole at Valhalla Golf Club

Ryder Cup singles match against Sergio GarcĂ­a

Kim is the only pro I've seen who chokes down on the grip with every club on every shot. He developed the habit as a boy, when he gripped down on his father's clubs because they were too long and heavy. As Kim grew up, he tried not choking down but couldn't make solid contact as frequently, so he went back to choking down all the time. The idiosyncratic habit clearly works, because few guys hit it as solidly and control their distance and trajectory as well as Kim, the game's newest superstar.

Choke Down for Solid Contact

To see if choking down will generate more solid contact for you, put baby powder, suntan lotion or face tape on the face of an iron. Hit 10 shots and check the contact pattern (inset). Choke down an inch and hit another 10 shots. Finally, choke down two inches and hit 10 shots. Compare patterns to find the optimal grip. Be careful, though: Choking down can make you overswing at first.

T.J. Tomasi teaches at Nantucket Golf Club in Nantucket, Mass.