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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
September 29, 2008
The Interview Rich Rodriguez MICHIGAN COACH His Wolverines, who are 1--2 (no doubt to the delight of many in West Virginia), play No. 9 Wisconsin on Saturday.
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September 29, 2008

Just My Type

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• On the walls: ivy from Wrigley Field. Outside and in.

• In the backyard: the pirate ship from Tampa Bay's Raymond James Stadium, for the kids to play in.

• In the rec room: the University of Texas's 55-by-134 foot "Godzillatron" video board. Super Bowl party at my house!

• For the roof: the hole from the Cowboys' stadium. So, as they say in Dallas, God could watch if he wanted to.

Dance Lesson

THE OTHER week I saw the Titans' LenDale White go into a choreographed dance routine after he scored a touchdown—from one yard out. He basically fell forward into the end zone. Now, White is hardly the first to do something like this, and I'm all for a little exuberance. But how about a new rule: If you spend more energy celebrating a play than executing it, your team gets a 15-yard penalty for unwarranted excitement.

Born to Be Good

THE FLORIDA ATLANTIC football team may be off to a 1--3 start, but at least they've got this going for them: a freshman linebacker named Yourhighness Morgan. This is the best sports name since God Shammgod, the '90s basketball player. Morgan's family certainly wasn't afraid to put expectations on their son—what was their second choice, Hisholiness? Grammywinner? Just once I'd like to see Morgan play in a game called by Marv Albert, so Marv would have a chance to say "Yourhighness—Yes!"

THE FINE PRINT: Quite a celebration Sunday night for the last game at Yankee Stadium. This was a nice touch: For confetti they used shredded playoff tickets.

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