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By the Numbers
October 06, 2008
36% of U.S. Latinos regularly watch sports
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October 06, 2008

By The Numbers

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36% of U.S. Latinos regularly watch sports

30% of U.S. non-Latinos regularly watch sports

1 of every two people added to the U.S. population, from July 1, 2006, to July 1, 2007, was Hispanic

16 age of Dominican pitcher Michel Inoa in July when the A's gave him a $4.25 million signing bonus

5 of the last 10 AL Cy Young winners were Latino

7 of the last 10 AL MVPs were Latino

89 Years since Dolf Luque became the first Latino to play in a World Series

8.9% of NASCAR fans are Hispanic

9 Pro Bowl selections for Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez

3 Spanish-language 24-hour sports TV networks in the U.S.

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