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Robert Coughlan
September 24, 1956
University of Notre Dame (November 1954)
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September 24, 1956

Questionnaire For Monogram Men

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10. What athletic honors (Ail-American rating, trophies, etc.) did you receive at ND?—— Did you sustain any serious injury in athletics at ND? Yes— No— Has it affected you in later life? Yes— No— Do you belong to the National Monogram Club?—— Do you favor such a club?—— Do you feel you were given "snap" courses because you were an athlete?—— What was your general average in college? (check) 70-75—— 76-80—— 81-85—— 86-89—— 90-95—— 96-100—— Do you think that the considerable public interest in intercollegiate athletics has any effect on the individual athlete? Yes— No— Comment:—————————

11. Do you feel that undue emphasis is placed on winning at Notre Dame? Yes— No— Comment:————— Do you feel that the coaches had your best educational interests at heart? Yes— No— Comment:———— Did you get the impression that the coaches were willing to sacrifice sportsmanship for victory? Yes—— No—— Comment:————————————

12. If you had it to do all over again, would you participate in intercollegiate athletics? Yes— No— If not, why?—— Check those areas in which varsity athletics participation contributed to your development: Character— Self-Discipline—— Moral Virtue—— Teamwork.—— Sportsmanship—— Courage—— Health—— Recreation—— Religious Life—— Social Life—— Civic Life—— Ability to meet people— Ability to accept adversity—— Success in business or professional life——


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