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Robert Cantwell
February 15, 1960
To the tune:"Li'l baby, don't say a word: Mama goin' to buy you a mocking-bird.Bird don't sing: Mama goin' to sell it and buy a brass ring."
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February 15, 1960

Hometown Piece For Messrs. Alston And Reese

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Then for his nineteenth season, a home run—
with four of six runs batted in—Carl Furillo's the big gun;

almost dehorned the foe—has fans dancing in delight.
Jake Pitler and his Playground "get a Night"—

Jake, that hearty man, made heartier by a harrier
who can bat as well as field—Don Demeter.

Shutting them out for nine innings—a hitter too—
Carl Erskine leaves Cimoli nothing to do.

Take off the goat-horns, Dodgers, that egret
which two very fine base-stealers can offset.

You've got plenty: Jackie Robinson
and Campy and big Newk, and Dodgerdom again
watching everything you do. You won last year.

Come on.

© Marianne Moore, 1956. Reprinted from "O To Be a Dragon," Viking, 1959 ($2.75).

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