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On Your (Book) Marks
February 04, 2002
John (Mad Dog) Madden,center, New Jersey Devils
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February 04, 2002

On Your (book) Marks

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John (Mad Dog) Madden,
center, New Jersey Devils

Time on the Internet: Up to 60 minutes at least three to four times a week.

Computer: Gateway Performance and a Gateway laptop

Own website: "No, but I have a website registered. I bought the URL, but I haven't set it up yet."

Sites he likes to visit: "When we were siding our new house last year, I searched on Yahoo! and found cedar-siding websites. I sometimes visit fishing websites—I search for anglers or largemouth bass. I also buy wine on the Internet."

Surf talk: "I get instant messages from fans asking if it's me. I either ignore them or say they have the wrong guy. Once you answer one, they've got you!"