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November 03, 2008
Maddening Manny
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November 03, 2008


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Mooky Blue, Southampton, Ont.

I'm not a hockey fan, so someone needs to 'splain somethin' to me. Your story makes it sound like you need a goon to beat up the other team's goon every time one of your top players gets hit hard. But if your goon beats up my goon, why does that deter me from hard-checking your star again? What do I care if my goon gets beat up?

Fred D'Ambrosi, San Diego

Conference Call

Your story highlights the proficiency of the quarterbacks in the Big 12 (A League of Its Own, Oct. 13), but it is quite obvious that these quarterbacks may be benefiting from the ineptitude of the defenses they line up against every week. If these same gentlemen played against the superior defenses of the SEC, they would be average at best.

Dale Broussard, Lafayette, La.

Al or Nothing

Why is everyone attacking Raiders owner Al Davis (Point After, Oct. 13)? We love how Mr. Davis has been running his team over the last few years and support all his decisions. He can do whatever he wants with it. Quit picking on Al.

Tony Mueller (Broncos fan), Denver

Selena Roberts's point on Al Davis could easily have been made without the unwarranted shot at Sarah Palin.

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