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Dan Patrick
November 24, 2008
The Interview Justin Timberlake RENAISSANCE MAN He sings, he dances, he acts—and he golfs. The six handicapper just signed a sponsorship deal to play with Callaway's FT-iQ driver and is building a course in Tennessee.
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November 24, 2008

Just My Type

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NO! They're reviewing it?!?

TRIPLE NO! Overturned. Forward lateral. 11--10. I'm a loser.

On Monday, NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira told me that the officials were wrong to review and overturn the call—which resulted in a $64 million swing in favor of Vegas books.

Who's in Charge Here?

LAST WEEK I asked USC's Pete Carroll if he and some other top college coaches could put together an alternative bowl system and present it to the BCS. Carroll said, "The group that makes these decisions—I don't even know where they are or who we'd talk to." It's true. The BCS is like Keyser Söze—an ominous presence everyone wants to get rid of (even the President-elect), but no one can find. If you look really hard on the BCS website, you'll eventually discover the name of the guy in charge: ACC commissioner John Swofford. In every other sport you know who's running the show. But who has any idea what John Swofford looks like? Having a visible leader sends a message of accountability, something the BCS sorely needs. The website has a link for e-mail, but why do I sense that anything I send will end up forwarded to

Three and Flee

CBS COLLEGE football analyst Gary Danielson makes an interesting point about why he thinks a lot of top juniors are going to look hard at leaving school this year: "Looming in the NFL is a rookie draft salary cap. This is the last year you can guarantee there are going to be big bonuses. The [older] players don't like [big rookie bonuses], and the owners don't like them. And they're going to tone that down."

THE FINE PRINT: Baseball's hot stove is heating up: Scott Boras has announced that A-Rod will opt out of Madonna.

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