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Jeers for Last Hurrahs
Selena Roberts
January 12, 2009
IT'S CLOCK mismanagement. There are sunset times listed for each day of the calendar, and yet Brett Favre played past the flicker of streetlights one year ago, well into darkness by the end of the Jets' 2008 season—the difference between a send-off and a push-out.
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January 12, 2009

Jeers For Last Hurrahs

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He slowed us down, Wizards teammates complained. "The tour has come to an end," guard Jerry Stackhouse said upon Jordan's last game.

However cruel they sound, teammates are the first to know if a legend has lost it. Jones wasn't the only Jet to openly dismantle Favre; he was a bellwether in the locker room. Players count the ice bags on the folk hero in the training room; they see the missed practices and in-game mishaps. They also snicker at the warped worship from coaches and owners. Mangini named his newborn son Zack Brett Mangini four games into the season, when Favre's quarterback rating was at desert heat (110.8). Now he needs Wite-Out.

Jordan overstayed his greatness, like Favre, but to MJ's credit, he accepted the exit cues from his teammates. When he'd lost them, he knew it was over. "It's time for me to move on," Jordan said—and this time he meant it. Now the question for Favre: As he weighs his decision again, to return or to retire, will he be like Mike?

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