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Game Plan
February 09, 2009
What smart fans should do this week
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February 09, 2009

Game Plan

What smart fans should do this week

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How do sports stars fit in? I can't believe people still care about... Greatest action flick _______ really makes my stomach turn ______ and _____ should sing a duet. People often mistake me for ...
DAHNTAY JONES Nuggets G Sarah Palin The Last Dragon Rats and mice Usher and Chris Brown Will Smith's Hancock
DAN BOYLE Sharks D Poker on television Braveheart Seafood Tom Harly (Sharks p.r. man) and Will Ferrell Dane Cook
RENEE MONTGOMERY UConn G The personal lives of celebrities 300 Someone getting hurt Marvin Gaye and Beyonc� Former UConn player Rita Williams
ROGER MASON JR. Spurs G The no-smoking law in restaurants The Negotiator Mussels Michael Jackson and Lil' Wayne Marlon Wayans (left)

Nature versus nurture
Is Texas Tech coach Pat Knight genetically predisposed to on-court tantrums? Or did his dad mold Pat in his image? Either way, Bob Knight's son showed he's a chip off the ol' block when he ran onto the court to berate a ref last Saturday. "My job is to protect my players," said Knight, whose outburst is on YouTube. "You can only sit there and take so much."

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
It's the granddoggy of them all. 2,500 canines will be judged in the 133rd edition of the event, at Madison Square Garden next Monday and Tuesday. (It's on USA and CNBC.) What awaits this year's Best in Show? Well, the 2008 winner, Uno the beagle, met President Bush, carried out the first pitch at a Reds game and rode in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

The Pro Bowl
The game usually isn't worth your time, but there's history to be seen on Sunday: It could be the last Pro Bowl in Hawaii for a while. In 2010 the NFL, which for years had toyed with moving the game to the mainland, will celebrate its all-stars in Miami, site of Super Bowl XLIV. Wonder why. The game could be blacked out in Hawaii (it's on NBC) because tickets hadn't sold out.

The Roloffs of Little People, Big World have competition for the title of Most Entertaining Pint-Sized Reality TV Stars. Jockeys, which premieres on Animal Planet on Friday, follows seven riders as they compete in the 26-day 2008 Oak Tree Meet at Santa Anita. There's drama on and off the track, but keep an eye on Joe Talamo. The 19-year-old from New Orleans is pegged as racing's next superstar.

Guinness World Records 2009: Gamer's Edition
Forget the world's longest fingernails. This compendium of video-game-related records and facts (in stores on Wednesday) is stuffed with really useful info—like who completed Sonic the Hedgehog 3 the fastest. Britain's James Richards needed only 49 minutes, 17 seconds to do it last August. His parents, and those of everyone in the book, must be proud.

The Pop Culture Grid
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