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Dan Jenkins
August 05, 2008
Traveling to four football games in three days was pretty close to heaven for four of St. Darrell's disciples
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August 05, 2008

Perfect Weekend

Traveling to four football games in three days was pretty close to heaven for four of St. Darrell's disciples

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"They're still playin', aren't they?" said Joe.

Waco, Texas, is noted for only two things. One is that it is the home of Baylor University. The other is that Waco, from time to time, has tornadoes. From Dallas it is about one hour and 20 minutes across the flat north-central Texas farmland, and since the Baylor-Arkansas game was mercifully scheduled for 8 p.m., the Coffmans and Morgans should have had plenty of time to make the kickoff. But they overstayed the Texas celebration party, and Cecil was moving along too briskly on Highway 77 when the flashing red spotlight on a Texas highway patrol car encouraged him to pull over.

"It's the fuzz," Joe said. "No bad-mouth now, Cecil. Don't give him any lip. Just 'Yes, sir, Officer, don't hit me no more' or he'll take us to the Waxahachie jail and nobody'll ever hear from us again."

Cecil Morgan put up a strong argument, but the patrolmen decided that he probably ought to have a speeding ticket for $20.50, payable by mail. Cecil had, after all, been driving 75 mph in a 55-mph zone.

Joe Coffman writhed in the backseat.

"Don't mind the money, just hate to miss the kickoff," he said.

They missed the whole first quarter, as it turned out. It was just as well. Although Baylor's passing wizard, Don Trull, and its excellent receiver, Lawrence Elkins, staged a wonderful exhibition, the Coffmans and Morgans could not have cared less. They were rooting for Baylor to upset the Razorbacks, which they did 14-10, but the Texas-OU game had drained them of all enthusiasm. "I'd feel O.K.," said Joe, "if I didn't have dust in my hair, dirt in my nose and sores in my mouth."

The group laughed faintly. Mary Sue and Pat yawned as Trull completed a 53-yard pass to Elkins that brought 40,000 other people to their feet. Cecil and Joe pondered quietly the ability of Arkansas to defeat Texas. "No way," Joe decided, sleepily.

They all yawned again, and soon the game ended. Cecil said he "might could manage" to drive home. Joe said he would pay $100 if Baylor would let him sleep all night in the parking lot.

"Shame to be this close to Austin and not go," Joe said. "Cecil, what would you give for some crispy, chewy tacos at El Rancho right now? You think El Rancho's chili con queso sounds good? Good Lord!"

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