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March 02, 2009
On His Toes
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March 02, 2009


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New Role Model

If respect, poise and confidence were the only criteria for athletes getting endorsement deals, then Brandon Roy (Young Star, Old Soul, Feb. 9) would be making LeBron money. My preference for athletes has always been those (Craig Biggio, David Robinson) in the mold of Roy. Please continue to feature more athletes from all sports who conduct themselves with this kind of maturity.
Mario Nava, San Antonio

Thanks to your story on Roy, I'll watch the NBA on television again—but only when the Portland Trail Blazers are playing. And I'll root for Roy to make the NBA's latest "next Michael Jordan" look silly and irrelevant.
Andrew E. Yarosh, Silverthorne, Colo.

On the Fly

Rick Telander's essay on Fly Williams (PLAYERS, Feb. 9) brought back memories of one of the most entertaining games of the 1973--74 season. Williams and Austin Peay played at Providence, which was led that season by Marvin Barnes. Fans anticipated a scoring duel between Williams and Barnes and were not disappointed. Providence defeated Austin Peay 94--92. I don't recall how many points Fly scored, but I do know Barnes scored a school-record 52 that evening.
Bob Geruso, Slatersville, R.I.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not much of a night for Williams. He had only 40.

I am constantly amazed that schools such as Austin Peay are so desperate for a return to athletic glory that they will sell their souls to fill seats. Williams never finished college, was a failure in the pros, lived a life of substance abuse, went to jail twice, was shot four times and now regrets aspects of the life he lived. Austin Peay will, by glorifying this sad character, teach its student-athletes that what is most important is not how you live your life but how many points you score and tickets you sell.
Michael Thomas Mills
NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative
University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, Colo.

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