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Dan Patrick
March 23, 2009
The Interview
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March 23, 2009

Just My Type

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The Interview

Grant Hill
The ex--Blue Devil is averaging 10.9 points and 4.8 boards.

DP: If it meant winning an NCAA pool, would you pick North Carolina over Duke?

GH: Yeah, I think I'd have to go Jay Bilas. He went to Duke, his allegiances are with Duke, but [as an ESPN analyst] he has to call it like he sees it.

DP: But understand that when Bilas played, he wore really tight shorts, and that might have cut off the circulation to his brain.

GH: We wore some tight shorts, too, in the early '90s. Tight shorts and bad haircuts.

DP: This is my idea for a reality show: Have a camera crew follow Christian Laettner in full Duke uniform through Kentucky during March Madness to get people's reactions.

GH: Laettner is a little bit of a jerk, and I mean that in the nicest way. He'd probably do it for free.

DP: Why was he such a jerk, even to his own teammates?

GH: Everything was a competition. He liked to get under people's skin. We had a great group of guys and we all liked each other, but Laettner was an ass. He would pick fights with guys, like a big bully. But it would carry over onto the court. And he was so good, so competitive.

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