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Just My Type
Dan Patrick
April 06, 2009
The Interview
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April 06, 2009

Just My Type

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LK: Oh, yes. I've had to deal with that for seven years of marriage.

DP: Does she have a poster of Tim Tebow anywhere in the house?

LK: In her bedroom.

Safety First?

The NFL last week instituted a handful of new rules aimed at making the game safer. But the players I talked to said the same thing: If you're looking for a safe game, play something else. Free agent safety Rodney Harrison (above), for instance, was with the Patriots last year when they lost Tom Brady on a play that beginning next season, will be against the rules: A defender who's on the ground can no longer lunge at a quarterback. Still, Harrison was against the changes and said he thought Brady would be too. "Football is a violent sport, played at 100 miles an hour with reckless abandon," Harrison said. "Guys are going to get hurt. The game is really being soft now. What about the days of Dick Butkus? That's football. Now it's like patty-cake." And it's not just the defensive players who are upset. Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew (left) said that offensive players relish being able to pop defenders with crackback blocks, which are now tougher to deliver legally. "We should get back to the way people played in the '70s," he said. "I like when people are on the ground, you step on them."

The Fabulous Four

THE WORLD of modeling can be just as competitive as college hoops, so I had Brooklyn Decker (below, right) of SI Swimsuit fame give us her top four seeds in the fashion game. For the record, Decker, who is a huge North Carolina fan, considers herself something of a Gonzaga. "I'd probably be a mid-major," she said of her own seeding.

1. GISELE "She's the overall Number 1, the North Carolina of models."

2. ADRIANA LIMA "She'd be Pitt."

3. MARISA MILLER "She's UConn."

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